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My guess was that the Sand Snakes will be sent maybe go one their own to kill Tommen, placing Trystane and Myrcella on the throne…….

The problems really come up only if they expect people to remember details from prior seasons without any reminders. That was a highlight. Nude sleeping girl video. Jessica henwick naked. He still has unfinished business with Cersei and Brienne. Episodes 4, 5 and 9 of season 3 were highlights but the rest of the season dragged really bad. Any and all reposts will be removed immediately.

No low effort posts This includes: Unless the plan is for Myrcella to die after their wedding and to hand the throne over to Daenerys without a fight through marriage to Trystane. I have nothing to back this up at all but stranger things have happened. Yeh it was intensely emotionally gripping but compared to black water reinsbaelor and watchers it ranks at the bottom.

What happened in that was good? Roose On The LooseTyrion was so awesome this episode. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Now that would work!

Jessica henwick naked

My theory, like some people have already stated, is that there would be not a single death in Dorne in the finale. Taylor white nude. How is that stupid?. Look at the scene with the leaches in season 3. But that makes me sad for Shireen. Laurence Tommen suicide — I like that idea. Bronn stays behind because he likes the Dornish women and Doran offers him a job. Tyene and Nym try to stop her, but are too late. Insulting, harassing, threatening, or acting rudely towards other users will not be tolerated.

Just a reminder- the Game of Thrones Season 5 Soundtrack is now available for purchase digitally! Looks like this episode could be far more light entertainment and less gloom, doom and despair than feared. I think that was the origin version, too: Reports from multiple sites. If something will be attempted against Myrcella I believe Ellaria is dead next week.

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I mean, how could a man keep a straight face when saying that?

Previous hot or not columns More. Mexican big tits and ass. My thoughts are that the sand snakes try to kill Myrcella as revenge for the slight against their mother.

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He still has unfinished business with Cersei and Brienne. Brienne with either Sansa, Stannis or Ramsay 6. Season 1 is brilliant, but much of that was down to a simpler narrative, less characters, and less locations to explore. Sometimes I wonder why GOT fan are so retarded. I think Varys will show up and him and Doran will reveal the plan with Dany, etc to get the remaining Sand Snakes back on side after the death of Ellaria and possibly one of their kin.

So who is guaranteed to die in the finale.? They are not going to show us Meryn Trans as a pedo just for fun, but because in the book the KG Arya is going to murder IS a pedo himself, as he is told that by the other Guards, and this is the way Mercy manage to bait him into her trap. It was a really great episode outside of a few minutes of Dorne, and that is pretty much true for any episode that had Dorne in it. No need for all that. And the episode description says that Dany finds herself amongst strangers.

Personally, I think that Mel is wrong about who the chosen one is. Sex while naked. Jessica henwick naked. I will be happy. Both get killed, along with Bronn. It's my friend who is a fan of the books I've only read most of the first one so far who helped forge that opinion in me. Game of Disco is ON! I like your discussion on favorite seasons.

Charles MJaime is not gonna die untill He chokes the life From cersei. As a Non-book reader, I would rate the seasons as such: Why nobody is talking about Season 5 soundtrack?

He might not like it: I mean, I am not saying Stannis got it right…. Dorne is its only weak storyline. Hershey kiss tits. If he dies it will be together with Cersei but i dont think he will die at all.

Grand maester gizFirst of all, use spoiler tags. It just all feels so rushed with no time for any levity or lighter moments.

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Death has hung all over the scenes with Jaime and Bronn both together and in their individual scenes this season. I think the Sand Snakes may be in on it. Plus Marvel hasn't really made any bad casting decisions so I'm inclined to trust their judgement. Liz honey nude. The plot involved them hunting for a carton of eggs for a Soviet officer. Big fat tits getting fucked If that makes me a glorified fan boy than so be it. The directors committing character assassination on Stannis? But people start discussing them openly in the comments.

They will not leave the other two dragons to starve to death. Totally different to any other series finale? Don't cry over Eiza Gonzalez's spilt cleavage. Jessica henwick naked. Come on… So, that said:

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