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There also was a photo gallery that made me laugh in which a man took photos of his penis and drew stuff like smiles and arms on it, which made it feel cute instead of sexual or gross, I don't remember the name of the thing, but you can google that as well.

Smite nude skins

Anyway, going forward Smite will include even more deities, not fewer. My original point was that disliking flapping giant bosoms in nearly every game released is not because I am a puritanical, it looks gross. Verlander upton nude pics. When characters like Nemesis come under scrutiny, the sex appeal becomes really blatant. I really don't think games need to appeal to all demographics, I mean, it's pretty much impossible anyway, so, faulting a game for not being able to do the impossible is kinda weird.

Smite subscribe unsubscribereaders 2, users here now 5. Smite nude skins. If you want to have a fictional medieval world where this is not the case then OK — but then why is this different — what differences in society have allowed it to be different? It's not just the type of shit the spew, it's exactly what they spew. And what better place to discuss it in a 'Game Industry Discussion' forum?

I'd really like you to back the old version in form of additional skins. I don't play Smite. You can leave now. While talking out the side of your mouth about how you plan to keep the game going, all the while building another boring RTS. Naked spanish milf. Adding to that sensation is the fact that, with the exception of some special abilities, all shots are skill shots. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Sexualized skins, what's the problem here? Did they make an ancient pact with a Lovecraftian monstrosity, that they shall have their videogames published but only so long as the entirety of the female cast is more objectified than in a particularly bad '90s superhero comic? And sex is a pretty fundamental part of that. I kind of wish this had happened for a lot of gods, honestly.

I can't really blame them. Character designers may be doing what they have been trained to do in their art education, draw people that are generally attractive. Conquest was the mode I headed into first. Thats because its not a problem. You brought up some good points though, a huge one being the surrendering issue. That she's not fat has more to do with the fact that she's a snake than any standard of beauty. Incidentally, I find it interesting that men never metamorphose but women do, and that male animals speak, but metamorposhed female animals stop speaking.

That's how the ribbon is placed around her. Michaela bercu nude. So I doubt Hi-Rez is going to do that again without some serious brain damage. Honestly her old kit would fit right in today. Just because a girl is naked or a guy is naked doesn't automatically equal sexualization.

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Originally Posted by SwirlixDen. We don't need those shitters ruining the game. Sexy girl shower sex. There are dongs in films sometimes and I still manage to watch them.

But well, different from T2 Rona, which you can take a neutral stance, given that you ignore possible porn subculture and fetishism, and say it's cool, you can't really do the same with LE Rona.

So, even with the number of women gamers, this would suggest that most interest in nude male mods would come from gay men - and there's probably fewer of them than there are female gamers I'm just guessing here, though.

Sheep stick for instance.

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But here's what I don't understand. They didn't put up with bullshit and it was refreshing. More to the point, how many women would want to date a straight man who acts like one of the men in Yaoi? There still only seems to be one female body type for the most part though, sadly. Light Mode Dark Mode. Wukong from LoL is directly inspired by the real deity from Chinese mythology.

Which is just plain, old, dull, conventional, bloody boring. Ascend was good but they fucked it with their free to play model and going into it now is virtually impossible without dropping a whole bunch of money because you will be outgunned by everybody with unlocks and it takes you an age to get to that point.

Now imagine something like that with a male. Smite nude skins. Also, I want a Cinematic Trailer Neith skin! Compare THAT to her sexified version in game. Milf black cock anal. Of course, you could just get his recolor and have the old model. I wasn't boycotting and yet they've completely pushed me away from making future purchases with their gross mishandling of the situation.

Her original kit was so much more fun and lore accurate, but there were so many complaints regardless because she was quite skimpy despite almost always been depicted as nude in paintings and what not.

The guy isn't really worth arguing with. Its not that they are going out of their way to sexulize them. AnniJun 15, It's not really constructive in any way, it's just sorta complaining for the sake of it. When will the white male demographic ever be heard? If men found some other look sexy then the marketing men would just make characters that looked like that. I am worried that a trend of oversexualization is developing within Vainglory's artistic sector; this would be detrimental in the long run because it would stifle the creative aspect of hero and skin designs.

Got me, it does get annoying seeing pretty much just one body type for females. While I do prefer the old model to the new one, simply because the new one is just really generic and lifeless, it wasn't perfect. The majority of the gods included in the game are drawn from ancient cultures.

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